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While Signs Show Beer Sales Sagged in Holiday Period, Control State Liquor Volume Gained Steam

State beer shipments dipped 5% in Nov, Beer Inst economist Michael Uhrich estimates, pulling yr-to-date trend down to -1.3%.  Only 10 states show volume gains for 11 mos and most are small mkts or small gains. Then too, IRI reported all-outlet volume off 1.3% for 4 wks thru Dec 2, and -0.4% for 11 mos.  Yet spirits sales picked up momentum in control states in Nov, reports NABCA. Case volume rose 5.4% and $$ jumped nearly 10%. And that was going against strong volume comp of +6.6% in Nov 2017.  For 11 mos, spirits volume +2.7% in control states, $$ +5.6%. Dec is key spirits mo, but for now, still lookin’ like spirits trending up 2%+ while beer trending down about 1%.

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 20, No 246; December 28, 2018


November Nuthin’ to Shout About Neither; Shipments Down Another 757K Bbls, -6%; Yup, -6%

Last 3 mos of domestic brewers’ taxpaid shipments Sep thru Nov hit a wall.  And barring big Dec surprise, US biz will be down more than 1% in 2018. Nov shipments down 757K bbls, -6%. And fall shipments fell over 1.5 mil bbls, nearly 4%, estimates Beer Inst economist Michael Uhrich. This followed similar Q1 and Q2 trends for domestic brewers; their shipments down 3.9 mil bbls, -2.5% for 11 mos. Import trend thru Oct knocks a point off that dropoff.  For now, known yr-to-date shipments -2.6 mil bbls, -1.4%, with only Dec taxpaids and Nov-Dec imports still outstanding.

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 20, No 243; December 21, 2018

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