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Beer INSIGHTS Webinars

The info you need in a new, fast-paced format


Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS newsletters deliver in-depth and wide-ranging reporting on the US beer biz straight to your inbox, while data-heavy, quick-hitting presentations from our editors have become regular features of top beer industry events. Beer INSIGHTS Webinars bring you the best of both: live, engaging presentations and discussion of up-to-the-minute info without having to leave your desk.

This new format provides new opportunities to gain valuable insight into the US beer biz, including:

  • lively presentations packed with the latest data and news;
  • downloadable decks to return to again and again;
  • live interaction with BMI’s experienced editors, including plenty of time for Q&A. 

Dive deep into a wide array of US craft beer data with Craft Update 2020, a two-part webinar series and exclusive report from Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS.  

Data and deck for Part I available now! Order today.

For each part of Craft Update 2020, you get:

  • a digital copy of the presentation slides, featuring key insights, analysis and takeaways 
  • a detailed report, including the full data-sets supporting the presentation
  • invitation to, plus access to a recording of the the live webinar presentation 

As always, registrants can follow-up with our experienced editors with any questions or for additional details. Register for either Part I or Part II for just $150. Save $50 by registering for both parts, just $250 for two deep-dive reports and presentations. 


Part I: Digging Deep into US Craft - recording, deck and data report available now! 

A. Craft Shipments, 2009-2019 
(10 years of US craft volume in context of total US beer, compared to mainstream beer, imports & FMBs/ciders; plus per capita consumption analysis)

B. M&A and the Changing Craft Landscape 
(review of almost 50 craft deals announced in 2019; analysis of biggest deals in 2019, a landmark year in craft M&A; plus a look back at private equity involvement in US craft over last decade)

C. Top Craft Portfolios and Players 
(shipments for the top-40 craft brand families, all over 100K bbls, every year since 2009; shipments for the top craft companies and portfolios every year since 2014; trends and share highlighted)

D. Off-Premise Overview
(craft sales trends compared to other US beer segments in IRI off-premise data, both dollars and volume, plus pricing analysis; top-50 craft brand families by dollars in IRI)

E. A "Broader View" of Craft & AB/MC Moves
(US craft volume with and without Blue Moon, Leinenkugel & Shock Top; 5-year analysis of craft shipments by top players, big brewers and all other small brewers; review of AB & Molson Coors craft portfolios in scan data and major plans for 2020)

F. Style Trends
(overview of biggest styles in IRI off-premise scan data, plus brands that drive those trends; IPA sales back to 2013; top IPA brands in scans; big styles coming to market in 2020)

G. Top Brands in Scans
(top 50 craft brands in IRI; early look at big changes in early 2020)

Order Part I webinar materials for $150


Part II: Key Craft Players, Places & Themes - coming Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 1-2:30pm EST

Get a wide-ranging review of craft's breadth, looking into crucial trends and critical stories impacting the segment's evolution. Featuring:

  • Overview of important news developments and coverage in 2020;
  • Collective small brewer volume share across regions & most states in 2019;
  • Selected state craft supplier shipments;
  • Off-premise craft trends, top craft brand families and brands in key cities and states;
  • On-premise highlights, including taproom trends;
  • Up-to-date and in-depth legal & legislative analysis;
  • And much more!

Register for Part II for $150 

Craft Update 2020 offers a trove of data-backed insights for anyone working in the US craft beer biz. Experienced industry vets and craft beer newcomers alike will quickly expand their understanding and walk away with loads of stats and facts.

Presenters David Steinman and Christopher Shepard, senior editors of Craft Brew News, offer a wealth of information on US craft from covering the ins and outs of the industry for over 10 years.

Significant savings available for organizations with 5 or more registrants; reach out for more info. Instructions for accessing the webinars will be sent prior to the event.

Save $50 by signing up for both Part I and Part II, just $250


SPECIAL 2020 WEBINAR OFFER: sign up for all 3 Beer Insights Webinars scheduled for the 1st half of 2020 and save $100. Register for our first-ever year-in-review webinar, The Year in Beer 2019, and both parts of our deep-dive into craft, Craft Update 2020, for just $350. A recording of The Year in Beer 2019 presentation and the webinar deck are still available to new registrants! Don't miss this valuable look at the US beer biz. 

Already participated in The Year in Beer 2019 and interested in registering for both parts of the Craft Update 2020 webinar series? Give us a call at 845.507.0040 to take advantage of this special offer. 


The news and numbers that drove the beer biz in 2019.

Note: this webinar presentation has already passed, but you can still benefit from the exclusive insights included. Read on!

For the first time ever, the senior staff at Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS used their 80+ years of combined experience to detail this transformational year in beer. In just 60-minutes plus Q&A, this exclusive and interactive webinar offered a wide-ranging, rapid-fire review review of the most important news, numbers and insights on the US beer biz, featuring: 

  • Total shipments, including domestic taxpaids, imports and exports* 
  • Top supplier shipments, trends and share*
  • Top brand shipments, trends and share*
  • Beer vs wine & spirits per capita shipments* 
  • Top growth brand families in off-premise scans
  • Volume shift to high end segments
  • Top supplier thumbnails
  • Craft shipments and top craft companies*
  • Biggest M&A stories
  • Legal and legislative review
  • Cannabis notes

*all shipments numbers are preliminary estimates, subject to revision 

Though this webinar has already passed, copies of the detailed, data-packed deck and access to a recording of the live presentation are still available. Order now for just $150.