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INSIGHTS Weekly Digest  Vol 1, No 2  May 18, 2020

 News, Numbers, Info, and More                                                       published by Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, Inc.

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Off-Prem $$ Up 32% Latest 1 Wk in IRI; “New” Home Occasions “Very Relevant” Sez AB Prexy – EXPRESS 5/11/20 People are buying a ton of beer and seltzer off-premise, but that doesn’t mean all-channel biz is growing for most players or in most places. Another data disconnect is developing as beer continues to go through the roof in off-premise scan data, while on-premise virtually disappeared and total biz down for several key players. 

Bang Energy Heads into Pepsi System in Florida, SoCal, DFW, Ariz – BEVERAGE BUSINESS 5/11/20 As of today, Bang Energy is a Pepsi-distributed brand in several parts of the country. The VPX Sports-owned brand segued to blue system today in all markets where brand has been self-distributed, evp Gene Bukovi told us over weekend.

Beer Prices Jumped 5.1% in Apr, Said US Govt; +3% YTD – EXPRESS 5/12/20 Consumer price index for beer shot up 5.1% in Apr vs Apr 2019 during heart of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns across US, per latest gov’t stats. CPI for All Items was up just 0.3% as gas price declines offset price hikes in food and bevs, not just beer. 

Inflated Off-Premise Gains for Just 4 Mos Surpass Full-Yr 2019 Craft $$ Growth – CRAFT 5/12/20 It took just over 4 mos of 2020 for craft segment to put up more growth in tracked off-premise scans than it got during all of 2019. Segment now up over 11% yr-to-date, gain of ~$152 mil. Craft grew ~$127 mil, 3%, in 2019 (thru 12/29) according to IRI data from Bump Williams Consulting.  

Molson Coors Outlook “Negative,” Sez Fitch; Expects Sales Down 12% in 2020 – EXPRESS 5/13/20 Fitch Ratings Agency kept its rating for Molson Coors debt at BBB-, but changed its outlook to “negative” (used to be “stable”). While MC (and most other cos) give no guidance for 2020, Fitch gave its own 2020 estimates for Molson Coors, projecting “a total sales decline in 2020 of approximately 12% relative to 2019 levels of $10.6 billion.” 

Spirits STRs +3% in Q1, Sez SipSource, While Wine Dipped 1.9%; Beer Between – EXPRESS 5/14/20 With distribs who represent 96% of US wine/spirits biz now reporting data to SipSource, its STR report now a really good gauge of how that biz faring.  In Q1, spirits depletions stayed strong despite a coupla weeks of on-premise lockdown: volume +3%, sez SipSource. But wine was weak, -1.9%. Recall, AB reported US beer STRs +0.3% in Q1. 

Survey Sez: 43% Drink Craft, Crisp/Clean Most Preferred Flavor Profile and Styles Drive Purchases – CRAFT 5/14/20 Just over 40% of US adults drink craft beer at least occasionally. They tend to choose which craft beers to buy based on type or style first and foremost and are most likely to agree on enjoying “clean” or “crisp” flavor profiles. So found YouGov survey conducted earlier this week of over 1,200 US adults, 515 claiming to be craft beer drinkers.

LA Libations Close to First Launches of Molson Coors Partnership – BEVERAGE BUSINESS 5/14/20 For years, incubator LA Libations was associated with Coca-Cola, minority investor into whose system LA-based co funneled early-stage brands as part of stepped-up innovation push. But that relationship wound down a year or so ago (BBI, Aug 13), forcing LAL to forge a new direction. Most visibly that was to link up last fall with new strategic partner, Molson Coors Beverage Co, the “beverage” newly heading into corporate moniker as sign of co’s intent on diversification beyond beer. Read More.

Molson Coors Puts Distribs on Allocation Too; Huge Run on 12 Oz Cans – EXPRESS 5/15/20 “We sell about 11.5 billion cans on average every year,” MolsonCoors procurement veep Jamie Westfahl said on co’s Beer & Beyond blog. “So even a 5% swing is material. When demand goes up by 30% over a two-month period, we’re talking hundreds of millions of cans, and there’s just no way suppliers can meet that,” Jamie added.

Yet Another Country Heard From: India’s Experience with an Alcohol Lockdown – ALCOHOL ISSUES 5/15/20 India was one of the few countries that locked down its alcohol business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Predictably, when the ban was lifted in many cities after 40 days, massive overcrowding ensued, defeating attempts at social distancing and some shops had to be temporarily re-closed. We quote at length from two recent analyses, finding the comments:  1) rational and salient; 2) remarkably parallel to policy issues in the US, despite India’s very different alcohol history and culture. 

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