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For over 30 years Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS has been the leading trade publisher for the US brewing business.  Our publications deliver the latest news, exclusive info, and eagle-eyed analysis.  They've become industry standards.  Whether you're a busy beer exec, Wall Street analyst, lawyer, importer, supplier, or simply a professional with an active interest in the beer biz, we can get you the info you need, fast.  Below, you'll find a brief description of each of our newsletters.  Click the titles for more info.

Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS is our flagship publication, the industry-standard "orange sheet."  Inside, you'll find the most complete and incisive coverage of the US beer industry available - from competitive gains and demographic trends to legal developments, brewer/wholesaler relations, and political currents.  And thanks to our unique network of contacts developed 30+ years in the beer business, Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS also brings you exclusive data, news, and analysis that you simply can't get from any other source. In short, Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS delivers the most detailed, accurate, and complete picture of the beer business in the United States- period.Order Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS

INSIGHTS Express is a publication for those busy execs who want faster news and more info between issues of our "orange sheet."  It's a single-page fax or email (your choice) published about 75 times a year, or 1-2X a week most weeks.  In addition to fast news updates, you'll get solid info about the beer world that we just can't fit into Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, as well as colorful quotes, international news, articles about smaller brewers, and other "outside the box" info- but no fluff.   If you need your news fix fast, give INSIGHTS Express a try..Order INSIGHTS Express

Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS is devoted to the broad spectrum of alcohol policy issues facing both the alcohol beverage industry and the general public.  Published 12X a year, Alcohol Issues Insights reports on results and analysis of often complex scientific material concerning alcohol and health, policy battles, social trends of drinking-- news items that help dictate the future of the alcohol business... and your investment in it.  As regulators step up their attempts to restrict the use of alcoholic beverages, it's critical to get the facts and information you need to stay informed and make a difference..Order Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS

Beer Statistics News is a monthly report of shipments by brewers in 39 states, with a supplemental data update every second week.   In it, you'll find state, region, and summary reports showing shipments trends of brewers in these states, as well as charts, graphs, maps, and written analysis.  When your needs call for the most recent, comprehensive state data available, Beer Statistics News delivers..Order Beer Statistics News


INSIGHTS Weekly Digest

 Vol 1, No 8   June 29, 2020

 News, Numbers, Info, and More                                                       published by Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, Inc.

All articles shown below are excerpts from one of INSIGHTS’ 5 newsletter publications:Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS, INSIGHTS Express, Craft Brew News, Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS, and Beverage Business INSIGHTS.
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Beer Still Up 20% in Nielsen for 1-Wk Thru Jun 13; Closing the Gap Between Spirits & Wine? – EXPRESS 6/22/20 Even with “steady slowing of growth since early May,” beer and total alc bevs are still growing above 20% off premise on a week-to-week basis, Nielsen veep of Bev Alc Practice Danelle Kosmal showed in latest weekly update. Gap between beer and total alc bev growth pace notably narrowed as beer/FMB/cider category $$ grew 20.3% and total alc bevs grew 21.2% for 1 wk thru Jun 13 in Nielsen All Outlet data. In fact, total beer outpaced wine category (+20.1%) for first time since COVID-19 pantry-loading period began. Spirits grew 25% in Nielsen data for period, tho had been outpacing beer by wider margin thruout pandemic.

Yerbae Becomes Latest Outside Brand to Enter Pepsi Bottling NY – BEVERAGE BUSINESS 6/22/20 Something is afoot at Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co of NY. The unit of Honickman Group has just picked up another outside brand, Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water, on heels of bringing in plant-water-based Treo and restaged Orangina, indicating that once-sacrosanct bastion of PepsiCo brands now is in the hunt. In the past, Honickman steered outside innovation to its Canada Dry NY operation, which boasts lesser reach, especially in up-&-down-street (UDS) channel that’s still crucial in NY. As for Yerbae, an energy entry powered by yerba mate, move marks return to NY DSD presence after exiting unaligned Big Geyser earlier this year.

White Claw Variety Pack #2 is #1 Growth Brand; Top 7 $$ Share Growth Brands All Seltzers – EXPRESS 6/23/20 White Claw Variety Pack 2 is now easily #1 growth brand in industry and nowhere near supplying demand. It got 1.2 share of total $$ (12 share of seltzer) in Nielsen all outlet for 4 weeks thru 6/13. What’s more, Variety Pack 1 is #2 growth brand, up 0.9 share of $$.  Bud Light Seltzer and Truly Lemonade Variety Packs each got 0.7 share of $$ and were #3 and #4 growth brands respectively. 

Sam Adams $$ Up YTD thru Jun 13; But Dogfish Yet to Get the Boston Bump in Nielsen – CRAFT 6/23/20 Boston Beer’s craft beer biz is on track to turn around multi-year slide in off-premise scan data as Sam Adams $$ now slightly growing YTD and Dogfish Head is adding incremental biz thru 1st half of the year. But their growth remains modest nearly halfway thru 2020 in Nielsen All Outlet data, and with total Boston Beer biz up 55% $$ YTD thru Jun 13, craft beer continues to become less of the total picture. In fact, Truly hard seltzer made up over half of Boston Beer’s total sales for 4 wks; 54.5% of volume and 52% of $$ sales. Twisted Tea accounted for 24% of $$ and volume for 4 wks. And Angry Orchard at 9% of volume and near 11% of $$. That leaves just 10-11% for Sam Adams brand family and 2-2.5% for all other Boston Beer brands, including Dogfish.

OWYN Augments DSD Commitment, Starting with Honickman – BEVERAGE BUSINESS 6/24/20 Particularly as ecommerce comes on strong and pandemic stunts small-format retailers, increasing # of early-stage brands entering their fast-growth phase have asked themselves: do we really need DSD? After gingerly testing waters in NY and Southern Calif over past 2 years, plant protein brand OWYN has come to decisive conclusion: very much so. So it’s about to dramatically build out its DSD network, starting with move into big Mid-Atlantic territory serviced by Honickman Group’s Canada Dry div this summer, with discussions well along with prospective partners in regions like New England and Southwest. 

Shipments Hole Deepens; Domestic Brewers’ Dropped a Mil Bbls in May; Reported YTD Loss Near 3% – EXPRESS 6/25/20 While off-premise scan trends stay strong, reported shipments continue very soft. Domestic brewers’ taxpaid shipments down 1 mil bbls, -6.6% in May, estimates Beer Inst. That follows 700K-bbl drop in Apr, modest declines in Q1. For 5 mos, taxpaids off 1.9 mil bbls, -2.8%. With weak imports too thru Apr, -500K bbls, -4%, reported total shipments -2.4 mil bbls, -3% yr-to-date.  Gotta note, as Beer Inst reminds, expect “significant revisions” to final shipments figures as TTB postponed reporting requirements and payment due dates.  So, still tuff to suss how much on-premise lockdown offset off-premise gain. 

Dogfish Will Be Boston’s Top Priority in Jul; Gets $2 Mil Spend Jul-Aug; Celebrates 25th Anniversary – CRAFT 6/26/20 Dogfish Head will be #1 priority of Boston Beer’s sales force in focus month of July, founder Sam Calagione told CBN, reflecting on co’s 25th anniversary, current biz and future plans. Focus for the mo will be just 3 brands, 60-Minute IPA, Sea Quench and Slightly Mighty, all now aiming for the same price point. And Boston will spend $2 mil on mktg those brands in July and August, almost all spent on social media. 

Do State Taxes Really Impact Alcohol Consumption? No Clear Trend for Spirits – ALCOHOL ISSUES 6/26/20 Public health advocates have made “raise alcohol excise taxes” a rallying cry for decades. The World Health Organization considers it a “best buy” among alcohol policy options. Consumers, most government officials and policymakers, not to mention the industry, tend to take a more skeptical view of taxes. Public health advocates firmly believe that higher taxes, by driving prices up, will inevitably reduce problem drinking and per capita consumption levels. Would they? Of course, drastic price changes would impact sales of any product. But alcohol consumers tend to be pretty loyal to their liquids, especially heavy drinkers, as recent events have proved once again.

AB CMO Marcel Marcondes in Cannes Lion Keynote: “Don’t Get Back to Normal, Instead Get Better” – EXPRESS 6/26/20 These are “tough times” and COVID has had a “massive impact,” began AB chief marketing officer Marcel Marcondes in keynote to Cannes Lion Virtual conference early this afternoon, viewed in 100 countries. “Can you imagine beer existing without bars, without concerts, with restaurants closed, no sports events? That’s crazy,” said Marcel. “We were freaking out about the business,” Marcel said. “It was terrifying…. We exist to bring people together. That’s the role of beer.”  But changes “of this magnitude” are also “opportunity,” said Marcel. “What we know as normal will no longer exist. You know what, that’s great. If we take this opportunity to learn, to change, we won’t be willing to get back to normal, because we will get much better.”

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 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cancellation of the 2020 Beer Insights Spring Conference, Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Why was the 2020 Beer Insights Spring Conference scheduled for May 27-28 canceled?

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), numerous public health and governmental agencies have urged organizations to limit or eliminate events where possible. Beer Marketer’s Insights made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel the Conference and all related events to protect the health and wellbeing of our attendees, speakers and staff. 

Will the Annual Beer Insights Spring Conference be rescheduled?

No. Due to the uncertainty around when it will be safe to travel and attend a large meeting, we made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Spring meeting.  We plan to hold our annual Beer Insights Seminar in New York City on November 15-16, 2020, and to hold next year’s Beer Insights Spring Conference at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago next June 2-3, 2021. 

Will the Annual Conference & Expo be held in a virtual format?

We will be exploring alternate virtual programs with Conference presenters and volunteer leadership as part of our ongoing commitment to providing beer industry professionals with the information you need to run your businesses. Additional information will be shared over the coming weeks about potential opportunities.

Will I receive a refund for my Conference registration now that the event is canceled?

To ease financial considerations that this cancellation may cause our participants, Beer Marketer’s Insights has instituted a flexible refund policy that gives registrants the option to apply their registration fee to the 2020 Beer Insights Seminar in New York City on November 15-16, to the 2021 Beer Insights Spring Conference in Chicago next June 2-3, to apply payment to any subscription, book or webinar orders within 14 months of the cancellation (April 13, 2020) or receive a refund less $100 processing fees.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. whether you would like to defer your registration investment to:

  • the November 15-16, 2020 Beer Insights Seminar in NYC
  • the June 2-3, 2021 Beer Insights Spring Conference in Chicago
  • Apply towards subscription and/or webinar fees within 14 months, or

We apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation has caused, and hope you will stay healthy and safe during this challenging period.

NOTE:  If you made hotel or airline reservations for the Beer Insights Spring Conference, please be sure to cancel them so that you won’t be charged. The Ritz-Carlton will allow cancellation without a charge up to 24 hours prior to arrival, including for reservations with pre-paid rates that are typically more restrictive.  Each airline has a different cancellation policy; many are offering credit for flights within 2 years of ticketing with no change fee penalties.



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Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019


Announcing Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019: The Interplay of Cannabis and Beverages, a new special report from Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, coming in the first week of April.

The North American beer and beverage industry is seeing green. Attention, energy and investment flowing into legal cannabis markets are near a fever pitch. But many questions remain, especially concerning its current and potential impacts on beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Get the latest special report from Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS to help separate the news from the noise. Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019 will arm you with the data, research and perspective you need to get a handle on this dynamic, disruptive category. Order today.


Beer INSIGHTS Special Report
Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019: The Interplay of Cannabis and Beverages

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Weigh sales and science, players and policy, state revenues and survey results, M&A, marketing moves and much more with this exclusive special report designed specifically for execs in the beer and beverage industries. Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019 will deepen your understanding of the possible opportunities and pitfalls cannabis presents for your business. Get the info you need in one data-packed document, including:

  • Comparisons of cannabis, alc bev sales and usage reports in legal adult-use markets
  • National consumption survey results
  • In-depth analysis of current trends in legal adult-use cannabis sales
  • Latest sales and financial results of public cannabis companies
  • Examination of big beverage company investments in cannabis so far
  • Overview of the latest trends in cannabis bevs
  • Views from financial analysts and industry observers
  • Thoughtful reviews of policy discussions and scientific research

Stop feeling whipsawed between glowing media coverage and opinionated nay-saying. Dig into the details and clear-headed coverage of Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019 to deeply address the interactions between cannabis and beverages.

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10 Years After

Ten Years After: The Aftermath of 3 Huge US Beer Biz Deals

2008 was a watershed year for the US beer industry. Miller and Coors formed a JV. InBev bought AB. Those deals followed the 2007 creation of a single importer of the Modelo portfolio into the US, when Crown Imports got distribution rights for the entire country. Numerous fundamental changes and game-changing trends followed.

Ten Years After, a new special report from Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS, tracks those changes. The report distills the data during the decade 2008-2018 – with specific focus on what happened at AB, MillerCoors and Crown (now Constellation Brands Beer Division) – to show just how much these deals disrupted the industry and changed the game, as did the rise of craft.

Easy-to-read data tables will show:

  • Industry totals 2008-2018
  • Top Brewer totals 2008-2018
  • Segment and Top Brand trends 2008-2018
  • Detailed brand tables for AB, MC and Constellation 2008-2018
  • Trends in 42 States 2018 vs 2008, including Shipments and Share Shifts for Top 5
  • Top Craft Brewers 2008-2018

In addition to the key stats, Ten Years After will include a probing essay looking at the transformation of the industry and what it means, plus timelines for each of the top players, tracking important trends and developments in strategy, personnel and more during this tumultuous period. Additional topics include:

  • Share loss to spirits/wine, per capita trends
  • Erosion of mainstream beers
  • The rise and slowdown of craft
  • Invasion of flavors
  • The growth of the US beer profit pool

Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS’ editors bring decades of experience to the analysis.

Ten Years After provides a compact view of the US beer business in major transition that not only fills in the past but will help you and your staff plan for ongoing and future disruptions.


Want a preview? Dip into this sneak peek for a small sample of this expansive report

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Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019


Announcing Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019: The Interplay of Cannabis and Beverages, a new special report from Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, coming in the first week of April.

The North American beer and beverage industry is seeing green. Attention, energy and investment flowing into legal cannabis markets are near a fever pitch. But many questions remain, especially concerning its current and potential impacts on beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Get the latest special report from Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS to help separate the news from the noise. Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019 will arm you with the data, research and perspective you need to get a handle on this dynamic, disruptive category. Order today.


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