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For over 30 years Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS has been the leading trade publisher for the US brewing business.  Our publications deliver the latest news, exclusive info, and eagle-eyed analysis.  They've become industry standards.  Whether you're a busy beer exec, Wall Street analyst, lawyer, importer, supplier, or simply a professional with an active interest in the beer biz, we can get you the info you need, fast.  Below, you'll find a brief description of each of our newsletters.  Click the titles for more info.

Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS is our flagship publication, the industry-standard "orange sheet."  Inside, you'll find the most complete and incisive coverage of the US beer industry available - from competitive gains and demographic trends to legal developments, brewer/wholesaler relations, and political currents.  And thanks to our unique network of contacts developed 30+ years in the beer business, Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS also brings you exclusive data, news, and analysis that you simply can't get from any other source. In short, Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS delivers the most detailed, accurate, and complete picture of the beer business in the United States- period.Order Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS

INSIGHTS Express is a publication for those busy execs who want faster news and more info between issues of our "orange sheet."  It's a single-page fax or email (your choice) published about 75 times a year, or 1-2X a week most weeks.  In addition to fast news updates, you'll get solid info about the beer world that we just can't fit into Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, as well as colorful quotes, international news, articles about smaller brewers, and other "outside the box" info- but no fluff.   If you need your news fix fast, give INSIGHTS Express a try..Order INSIGHTS Express

Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS is devoted to the broad spectrum of alcohol policy issues facing both the alcohol beverage industry and the general public.  Published 12X a year, Alcohol Issues Insights reports on results and analysis of often complex scientific material concerning alcohol and health, policy battles, social trends of drinking-- news items that help dictate the future of the alcohol business... and your investment in it.  As regulators step up their attempts to restrict the use of alcoholic beverages, it's critical to get the facts and information you need to stay informed and make a difference..Order Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS

Beer Statistics News is a monthly report of shipments by brewers in 39 states, with a supplemental data update every second week.   In it, you'll find state, region, and summary reports showing shipments trends of brewers in these states, as well as charts, graphs, maps, and written analysis.  When your needs call for the most recent, comprehensive state data available, Beer Statistics News delivers..Order Beer Statistics News


As an effective beverage executive, you need to explore all potential avenues for revenue growth and margin enhancement. Beverage Business Insights -BBI-gives you the info you need to keep up with the latest trends in the dynamic world of non-alcoholic beverages. It's produced by the same team that brings you Beer Marketer's Insights, and is written with the needs of beer wholesalers specifically in mind: straightforward, to the point, and with a street-savvy orientation. BBI helps you to separate the news from the noise.

BBI offers informed assessments of up-and-coming brands and categories. We were among the first to identify coconut water category as a winner, and we have carefully traced the rollout plans of brands like Activate, Body Armor, Neuro and Marley. We give you up-to-date info on the DSD plans of brands like these, and track developments at brands like Vita Coco and Muscle Milk as they prepare to transition out of the independent distribution system. We offer insights into how beer distributors around the country are developing sustainable non-alc beverage businesses, as well as the contract issues that have kept some brand owners outside the DSD system. BBI gives you frequent updates of scanner data in measured channels, so that you know where the growth is. BBI also has kept a close watch on intriguing moves by major beverage players & investors in this space, including Tata Global Beverages' investments in Vitaminwater and Activate as they seek 'experiential' brands with social & environmental goals. BBI goes behind the scenes at major launch platforms like Natural Products Expo West and the NACS convenience store expo, bringing you key emerging beverages. Your subscription cost is a fraction of what you'd pay to attend any of these meetings yourself, plus you get unique and valuable insights from BBI's editor and longtime beverage trendwatcher, Gerry Khermouch.

BBI focuses on what's innovative, what's new and what's moving off the shelves. You get valuable news and in-depth analysis. Since BBI is brought to you by Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, the leading trade publisher for the beer business for over 40 years, you can count on our dedication to fairness, accuracy and timeliness.

See for yourself what people are talking about. Stay in the loop with one easy step. Subscribe to Beverage Business INSIGHTS. BBI comes out at least 90x per year and as soon as possible whenever big news breaks, available via e-mail. It costs just $440 per year. That's a small price to pay to stay on top of the trends. Don't miss a single lead on hot new non-alc brands. Order today!

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Beverage Business Insights tells you everything you need to know about emerging and established non-alc beverage brands.

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INSIGHTS Weekly Digest

 Vol 1, No 29   Nov 23, 2020

 News, Numbers, Info, and More                                                       published by Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, Inc.

All articles shown below are excerpts from 1 of INSIGHTS’ 5 newsletter publications: Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS, INSIGHTS Express, Craft Brew News, Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS, and Beverage Business INSIGHTS.
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Top 6 Still 96.6 Share of Seltzer in IRI; AB, STZ Biggest Share Gainers But Gains Slow EXPRESS 11/16/20 Seltzer’s explosive growth still totally dominated by a handful of big companies, tho lotsa others getting small but growing slivers. In fact, top 6 still at 96.6 share of $$ in IRI multi-outlet + convenience thru 11/1. Means over 100 other companies are fighting over just 3.4 share of seltzer segment. They are splitting a little more than $100 mil or close to 3.5 mil cases, 30-35K per co on avg. The largest 2, CANarchy and Press (part-owned by Constellation), sold about half a mil cases each. And yet many of those cos, including CANarchy and Press, still growing very rapidly in 2020.

After Short, Unhappy Marriage, It’s Splitsville for Bang, Pepsi – BEVERAGE BUSINESS 11/17/20 It wasn’t much of a honeymoon: just 6 months into purportedly game-changing alliance between PepsiCo and Bang Energy marketer VPX, we’d reported that severe stresses had developed, with Bang sales still mediocre and VPX exec aggrieved that they were being given short shrift vs Pepsi’s newly acquired Rockstar Energy brand. Now those stresses have proved to be beyond repair, with VPX announcing that it’s given PEP notice of termination, effective Oct 23, of partnership that went into effect in Apr. 

‘You’re Fired’? Not So Fast, Says PepsiCo; Insists It Will Continue to Distribute Bang Energy – BEVERAGE BUSINESS 11/18/20 VPX reps may already be approaching some of their terminated former distributors about carrying Bang Energy again, but PepsiCo is advising retail accounts that just because VPX declared “You're fired” yesterday doesn’t necessarily make it so. In letter to retailers and other accts, PepsiCo Beverages North America ceo Kirk Tanner said VPX press release issued yesterday contained several inaccuracies and that “Pepsi’s exclusive rights continue” for 3 more years on performance energy brand. The only change to plan, Kirk indicated: indie houses representing small share of biz now won’t be transitioning to blue system. Otherwise, it’s biz as usual on brand, Kirk emphasized.

New Belgium is #1 Craft Family (Ex-Blue Moon) w/ #1 IPA for 4 Wks in IRI – CRAFT 11/18/20 New Belgium’s remarkable run amid challenging circumstances in 2020 is taking co to new heights in tracked off-premise scan data. In fact, New Belgium $$ accelerated up 36% to $25.7 mil for latest 4 wks, putting total $$ sales ahead of Sierra Nevada (which still grew solid 15% to $24.96 mil), making it largest craft brand family in scans (ex-Blue Moon). And its lead brand, Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA, suddenly is #1 IPA by $$ for 4 wks as it kept up 72.5% growth pace to $7.9 mil for period.

SipSource Sez Spirits/Wine Depletions +2.4% for 12 Mos thru Sep; Beer STRs Up Just North of 0.3%EXPRESS 11/18/20  Another sign of beer bein’ outperformed by spirits/wine. Total beer STRs up slightly more than 0.3% for 12 mos thru Sep 2020, extrapolating from AB InBev quarterly reports (which include estimates for total industry STRs). Meanwhile, SipSource estimates that combined spirits and wine depletions accelerated from -0.6% for 12 mos thru Feb 2020 to +2.4% for 12 mos thru Sep. Everything’s taking a big hit on-premise, natch, but standout number is spirits’ +5.3% increase in off premise depletions thru Sep.  Recall, SipSource gathers depletions data from distribs representing about 90% of total US spirits/wine volume. 

New Co Called DrinkPak Plans Big Cans-Only Copacker in LA; $30 Mil First Phase Goes Online Next Spring – BEVERAGE BUSINESS 11/19/20 They’ve been on other side of things often enough: trying to find line time for new concept at copacking partner, one they could scale up with if idea pans out. Now, small team of entrepreneurs and consultants has teamed up to open major cans-only copacking operation called DrinkPak about a mile outside LA city limits, with first line slated to be operational by late spring 2021. Operating out of 174K-sq-ft space in Santa Clarita, it will do full range of energy drinks and other NA items and also is licensed to produce beer, wine and spirits, including hard seltzers. Crucially, at time there’s huge squeeze on cans, the Krones filling line at heart of operation will be tuned to work not just with formats of US can makers but also suppliers in Europe, Asia and Latin America, at time marketers are scouring far ends of the earth for the scarce packs.

Lockdowns, Lifelines and Litigation; As Legislators Fiddle, On-Premise BurnsALCOHOL ISSUES 11/20/20 The 21st Amendment’s grant of states’ rights to regulate alcohol, combined with a lack of federal leadership in combatting coronavirus, has led to dizzying patchwork of ever-changing rules and restrictions under which bars and restaurants can (or cannot) operate. The constant is change, and for now that change is trending toward fewer and fewer, if any, options. And most of them are bad. So, what will it be? Lifelines? More litigation? Legislation? More languishing? Most likely, an unsatisfying mix of all of the above.

ABI: “Next Cloud on the Horizon”? “What Will Altria and the Santa Domingos Do” When “Lock-Up Expires?”EXPRESS 11/20/20 Bernstein’s Trevor Stirling, in his latest report, rates ABI outperform and reiterates that Q3 “was one of the most encouraging quarters that ABI has posted in quite some time.” That makes it all the more interesting that Trevor’s report this morn focuses on what he views as potential “next cloud on the horizon.” What’s that?  Altria and the Santo Domingo family own 14% of ABI, going back to SABMiller acquisitions of Miller and Bavaria, respectively. They are “restricted shareholders,” meaning they can’t sell their shares now, but that “lock-up ends in October 2021.”

More on AB Brewers Collective Biggest 2021 Bets; $15 Mil Each on Space Dust, Mango Cart, Big WaveCRAFT 11/20/20 AB’s Brewers Collective has lots cookin’ at all times among now 20 brand families under its umbrella post-CBA acquisition. But Goose Island, Golden Road, Elysian and now Kona continue to stand out as top priorities going forward on natl levels and in specific “accelerator markets” for specific brands, co shared with CBN in wide-ranging chats with Brewers Collective GMs. Indeed, each brand will have its own full marketing campaign as co spending $15 mil on each of Elysian Space Dust, Golden Road Mango Cart and Kona Big Wave next yr. And Golden Road will get its “first-ever TV commercial,” among other enhancements.

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Announcing Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019: The Interplay of Cannabis and Beverages, a new special report from Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, coming in the first week of April.

The North American beer and beverage industry is seeing green. Attention, energy and investment flowing into legal cannabis markets are near a fever pitch. But many questions remain, especially concerning its current and potential impacts on beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Get the latest special report from Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS to help separate the news from the noise. Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019 will arm you with the data, research and perspective you need to get a handle on this dynamic, disruptive category. Order today.


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Weigh sales and science, players and policy, state revenues and survey results, M&A, marketing moves and much more with this exclusive special report designed specifically for execs in the beer and beverage industries. Cannabis INSIGHTS 2019 will deepen your understanding of the possible opportunities and pitfalls cannabis presents for your business. Get the info you need in one data-packed document, including:

  • Comparisons of cannabis, alc bev sales and usage reports in legal adult-use markets
  • National consumption survey results
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 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cancellation of the 2020 Beer Insights Spring Conference, Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Why was the 2020 Beer Insights Spring Conference scheduled for May 27-28 canceled?

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), numerous public health and governmental agencies have urged organizations to limit or eliminate events where possible. Beer Marketer’s Insights made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel the Conference and all related events to protect the health and wellbeing of our attendees, speakers and staff. 

Will the Annual Beer Insights Spring Conference be rescheduled?

No. Due to the uncertainty around when it will be safe to travel and attend a large meeting, we made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Spring meeting.  We plan to hold our annual Beer Insights Seminar in New York City on November 15-16, 2020, and to hold next year’s Beer Insights Spring Conference at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago next June 2-3, 2021. 

Will the Annual Conference & Expo be held in a virtual format?

We will be exploring alternate virtual programs with Conference presenters and volunteer leadership as part of our ongoing commitment to providing beer industry professionals with the information you need to run your businesses. Additional information will be shared over the coming weeks about potential opportunities.

Will I receive a refund for my Conference registration now that the event is canceled?

To ease financial considerations that this cancellation may cause our participants, Beer Marketer’s Insights has instituted a flexible refund policy that gives registrants the option to apply their registration fee to the 2020 Beer Insights Seminar in New York City on November 15-16, to the 2021 Beer Insights Spring Conference in Chicago next June 2-3, to apply payment to any subscription, book or webinar orders within 14 months of the cancellation (April 13, 2020) or receive a refund less $100 processing fees.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. whether you would like to defer your registration investment to:

  • the November 15-16, 2020 Beer Insights Seminar in NYC
  • the June 2-3, 2021 Beer Insights Spring Conference in Chicago
  • Apply towards subscription and/or webinar fees within 14 months, or

We apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation has caused, and hope you will stay healthy and safe during this challenging period.

NOTE:  If you made hotel or airline reservations for the Beer Insights Spring Conference, please be sure to cancel them so that you won’t be charged. The Ritz-Carlton will allow cancellation without a charge up to 24 hours prior to arrival, including for reservations with pre-paid rates that are typically more restrictive.  Each airline has a different cancellation policy; many are offering credit for flights within 2 years of ticketing with no change fee penalties.



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